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From the official trade and retail toy shows to the humble fan organised conventions, all over the world the passion for making, collecting and appreciating robot toys is wide and varied. At each event manufacturers and retailers offer their latest range of products as well as limited numbers of exclusive collectibles. Whether its just for fun or a collection centrepiece these figures are the ultimate addition to any collection.

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Transformers Prime Shining Optimus Prime - Clear First Edition - Tokyo Toy Sho..
Product Description The 2012 Tokyo Toy Show offers another clear exclusive in the form of First Edition Optimus Prime from the Transformers Prime toy line. Optimus is based on his Voyager First Edition...
Transformers United Black Optimus Prime - Tokyo Toy Show 2012
Product Description Fresh from the 2012 Tokyo Toy Show Transformers United gives us another shadowy exclusive. Black Optimus Prime is based on the Classics Optimus Prime mould, the very same mould used...
Transformers United Stepper - Million Publishing Exclusive
Product Description Transformers United Target-Master Stepper. Stepper is based on the Reveal The Shield Special Ops Jazz mould and transforms from robot to sports car and back again. Highly articulated...
Transformers Prime Matrix Of Leadership Optimus Prime - First Edition - SDCC 2..
Product Description Transformers Prime: First Edition Optimus Prime. Released well in advance of the main Transformers Prime toy line this exclusive was only available at the 2011 San Diego Comic Convention...
Darkside Optimus Prime & Megatron - Transformers United - Tokyo Toy Show 2011
Product Description TakaraTomy continue their Transformers United toy line with these two exclusive figures released at the 2011 Tokyo Toy Show. Optimus Prime and Megatron are based on their popular UN-01...
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