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R&R 09/10/2017

This week we are shining the spotlight on Universe Darkwind.

Darkwind, aka Darkwing, is a Generation One character who first appeared in 1988. He featured prominently in the Marvel comics and even had an appearance with his partner in crime Dreadwind, in the original Sunbow cartoons.


Apart from his orginal G1 and G2 toys from the 1980's, Darkwind was largely overlooked until 2008 when the second Universe toy line came around. Even so he did not receive an official new update. Rather he is a reissue and repaint of Universe Silverbolt. Although not widely publicized at the time, he was an exclusive, and only available at TRU.

Nevertheless this version of Darkwind has been excellently repainted. He retains his original G1 colours in all the right places, even down to the golden lightning bolts on the tops of his wings. Another nice feature is that he also retains the electronic lights and sounds. These can be activated in both modes and there is also an auto conversion sound when transformed. As an Ultra size class figure this version of Darkwind display's perfectly alongside his fellow Classics / Universe comrades and is a great addition to any collection.

If you'd like to add this exclusive to your collection we have a pre-owned one in excellent condition, up for auction over in our eBay outlet right now! Follow the link for more information. You can also view more pictures of this item over on our Facebook page.

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