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R&R 27/09/2017

This week we are shining the spotlight on Sunstorm. A generation one character that has featured in the original Sunbow cartoons and made multiple appearances throughout the various Transformers comics.

Despite this character's popularity with the fans, Sunstorm did not get a figure released in the Generation One franchise until 2003, and even then, if you lived outside of Japan he wasn't easy to get hold of. TakaraTomy released a limited number during the summer as a Collector's Exclusive, available exclusively through their affiliated online store e-HOBBY. Nevertheless, based on the original seeker jet mold so enjoyed by the original jets such as Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker, Sunstorm was everything the fandom could have hoped for.

The high demand saw Sunstorm reissued in 2009, this time however in greater numbers and made more widely available through TakaraTomy's Encore line.

box front box rear

Both releases of the figure were identical with only one difference in the box art. The silver Collector's Edition triangle in the top right hand corner on the original 2003 release was moved to the top left hand corner for the 2009 reissue.

Although not always offered by many retailers, the 2009 reissue was also supplied with an e-HOBBY exclusive comic. This comic was illustrated by Hidetsugu Yoshioka and featured the short muse 'Destron Aerospace Warrior Sunstorm'. Just a few panels in length and written entirely in Japanese the artwork is indeed a pleasure and we gain an insight into the Character's troubled mind.

If you'd like to add this rare exclusive to your collection we have a pre-owned one from the later 2009 release, complete with comic, in excellent condition, up for auction over in our eBay outlet right now! Follow the link for more information. You can also view more pictures of this item over on our Facebook page.

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