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Introduced in 2007 Transformers Encore is an official line of Generation 1 reissues by TakaraTomy. This series recreates the original Transformers from the Japanese line complete with their original assortments of Generation 1 accessories. The toys are also packaged in boxes that reproduce the original Generation 1 colours and styling.

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Twincast - Transformers Encore 22
Product Description Transformers Encore #22 Twincast. Twincast features an all new cartoon accurate deco and comes with his original electro-scrambler gun. He also features painted decals and a heat sensitive...
Soundblaster - Transformers Encore 21
Product Description Transformers Encore #21 Soundblaster. Soundblaster features an all new deco and comes with his original concussion blaster, rocket launcher and 3 rockets. He also features painted decals...
Devastator - Transformers Encore 20
Product Description Transformers Encore #20 Devastator. This giftset includes all 6 of the original Constructicons - Scrapper, Hook, Bonecrusher, Long Haul, Mixmaster and Scavenger. Individually each Constructicon...
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