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1993 saw The Transformers advance from Generation 1 to Generation 2. This relaunch inspired the first batch of Generation 1 reissues featuring new colour schemes and updated accessories. The line also introduced brand new characters, toys and transforming technology. Enter the Go-Bots, Rotor Force, Laser Cycles, Cyberjets and much, much more than meets the eye!

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Inferno - Transformers Universe / G2 Classics
Product Description Transformers Universe / Classics Generation 2 Inferno. Though search and rescue is his primary function and one he happens to be very good at Inferno loves nothing more than a good...
Ramjet - Transformers Timelines - Collectors' Club Exclusive
Product Description Transformers Timelines G2 Ramjet. A 2011 exclusive from the Transformers Collectors' Club. G2 Ramjet is a deluxe size class toy and transforms from robot to fighter jet and back again....
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